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London Anti-Fascist Prisoners – UK

20/01/2016 in Prison Struggle

Two anti-fascist prisoners currently serving a custodial sentence in relation to a fight with the South East Alliance in London during the summer of 2014. If you would like to write to either K or D, address envelopes to one of them and send to Freedom Bookshop. They will then be forwarded on to them. Remember to include a name and address on the card/letter for the prison to accept it.
K or D,
c/o Freedom Bookshop,
Angel Alley,
84b Whitechapel High Street,
London, E1 7QX.

We at London Anti-Fascists believe history has taught us that anti-fascist action is ALWAYS self-defense. It’s in that radical tradition of confronting fascist’s and their ideas that we organise to create a space for working class organisation in order to realise a world without hunger or fear.

Little update from ABC Hurricane in UK

20/03/2015 in General

Due to other events, our blog has been inactive for the last 6-7 weeks and since that time a lot of events happened, like the ongoing hunger strike in Greece by different prisoners, against C TYPE prisons, for the release of CCF family and friends, release of Savvas Xiros, etc.

There’s a hunger strike rebellion taking place right now in the UK immigration detention centres. Race and immigration are hot election topics right now in UK, time to stop fascism! In Bristol, Emma Sheppard got sentenced to two years for sabbing three police cars at new year with home-made stingers. Today there’ll be a demo in Bristol for all the people on hungerstrike in the immigration centres and others. On the 21st there’s an anti-fascist demo in Newcastle against the usual nazi racist bastards. In High Wycombe, after the cops were cleared of killing Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah, there were nights of mass vandalism against the ruling, No Justice – No Peace!

In Cardiff, there’s a demo on March 24th by South Wales anarchists, against ‘Marco’ Jacobs undercover police officer’s abuse and supporting the court date of those who are making a civil action against the UK State about the case. There’s also a demo in London the next day at the Royal Courts of (in)Justice. Statewatch released a PDF about undercover policing worth reading here.

We’re going to be updating our blog a bit more infrequently, as our techie is AWOL, and as a group we’re dispersed and busy ticking over with various projects. We’re working with a few different prisoners at the moment, and it’ll be a case of as and when we have stuff to report and comment on.

Solidarity means attack!

Prisoners cause DIY explosion at Strangeways, Manchester (UK)

01/01/2015 in Prison Society

via in the belly of the beast:

Inmates sparked a terror alert after a home-made bomb exploded in a cell at the category A Strangeways Prison in Manchester earlier this year.

The incident happened inside a cell on D Wing after prisoners used a plastic bottle and other household items available from the canteen to create a small IED. The noise is said to have ‘shook the whole wing’ although no-one was hurt and only a small amount of damage was caused.

A former inmate who witnessed it reportedly said, ‘One of the prisoners was boasting about how easy it was — and showed people how to do it. He was using everyday items you can get in a prison really easily.’

Officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit were scrambled to the prison in response. Prison bosses mounted an operation into the July 15 incident and are said to have accused eight prisoners of endangering staff and other inmates.

Although the incident occurred during the summer, details of the scare have only just come to light. A Prison Service spokeswoman said the bang had been caused by a ‘small improvised device’. They added: ‘On 15 July, an incident led to a very small amount of damage being caused to a cell. There were no injuries caused to staff or prisoners during this incident.’

‘Tis the season to fight the prisons… (UK)

06/12/2014 in Prison Struggle


The prison population in the UK has doubled over the past 20 years. Check out the series of events coming up in London this month to build prisoner solidarity and resist prison expansion.

First up, on December 9th we’ve got The Politics of Prisons, an event to strategise on how to fight prison & immigration detention expansion, and discuss grassroots alternatives to the police and prisons to deal with problems. Organised by Defend the Right to Protest, the event promises some great speakers.

Then on 15th December there’ll be the first public meeting of an exciting new group, Prison Action London. They’re inviting people to come along to exchange ideas and plans for action. Read the rest of this entry →

Vehicles burnt in solidarity with Nikos Romanos and Rémi Fraisse (UK)

26/11/2014 in Solidarity Actions

abc hurricane receives and transmits:

French police have killed Rémi Fraisse while they try to rout a combative forest occupation that prevents the Sivens dam. We have burned a vehicle in the service of the French multinational GDF (who work towards the new nuclear reactor not far away at Hinkley Point on top of other nuclear projects in many countries, force dams on irreplaceable Amazonian indigenous lands with the support of Brazil’s military, provide facility management for the police force in this region, run utilities on the Shetland Islands for one of the biggest oil and gas terminals in Europe, manage multiple French prisons, and all around design technologies which attempt to disguise industrial capitalism as sustainable development for the same banks and commercial entities as always).

This was in the Long Ashton area, where we then also burned an audacious 4×4, two luxury sports cars, and a vehicle of OSC (who are considered one of the top security companies in the UK, providing guard personnel, patrols, CCTV instillation and monitoring, etc.). Read the rest of this entry →

PDF: Since the Bristol Riots– Communiques from the FAI, ELF and other attacks 2011-2014 (UK)

14/11/2014 in Prison Society, Solidarity Actions


PDF Link:
by Person(s) Unknown / Dark Matter Publications

“Since the Bristol Riots” is a collection of communiques from the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and other anonymous attacks in the Bristol area since the riots in April 2011 until October 2014.

The communiques include attacks targeted against police, banks, prisons, military, security services, courts, state, church, fascists, media, communications infrastructure, corporations and more.

Totaling 92 pages, included is a selection of over a dozen articles related to this time frame and context, such as reports of the Stokes Croft riots and recent police repression against the broader anarchist movement as they investigate the attacks.

For antagonistic struggle,
Person(s) unknown

‘Untouchables’ step up attacks on prison guards (UK)

18/10/2014 in General, Prison Society

via mainstream media

An explosion of violent attacks against prison officers has erupted following a European Court ban on extending detainees’ sentences for misbehaviour.

Before the Euro-court ruling, prison governors had the summary power to add 21 days to the sentence of a young offender and 42 to that of an adult for fighting, assaults and other misdemeanours. The Strasbourg judges ruled last month that the biased system which allowed a prison governor the power to extend sentences in this way was a breach of ‘human rights’.

The Prison Service had to free 900 prisoners because of this and faces compensation payouts of around £90 for every day of extra time served.

Officers claimed inmates with a tendency to violence now believed they were untouchable.

At Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, in West London, there have been 15 assaults on staff in the last month compared to the usual average of four.

A 24-year-old female guard had her skull fractured when a male prisoner armed with a table leg ran from his cell and began clubbing every screw in sight.

Feltham, which houses 650 detainees aged 16-21, also recorded 15 assaults among detainees last month against a usual average of seven, and 30 cases of cells being damaged, three times the average. Read the rest of this entry →

Prison suicides more than double as the prison society announces ‘super child prisons’ (UK)

18/10/2014 in Prison Society

A series of reports in liberal mainstream media rag The Guardian have further highlighted the fetid stench of the growing cesspit that is the UK prison system. These reports hold up a stark mirror which manage to reflect both the prison society that unashamedly alienates and indoctrinates its young people outside in ‘normal society’ whilst also isolating and brutalising those who increasingly end up on the wrong side of their experiments in social control.

There has been a 64% increase in prison suicides this year, and 125 prisoners have committed suicide in the last 20 months.

As wealth disparity continues to drive a growing inequality in society, and the criminal justice system is increaingly being used as a blatant tool to divide, conquer and control.

Even amongst all of this, the clowns at the Ministry of Justice have recently put forward a proposal to extend the prison building project to allow the building of a super-prison for children as young as 12. At the core of this borstal will be a regime of punishment and physical restraint. Or in other words a Borstal.

The Justice minister even intends to defy an appeal court judgement and order that staff should be able to use force to restrain teenage inmates for “the purposes of good order and discipline” at his proposed £85m privately run ‘super-child jail’. Read the rest of this entry →

‘Toxic mix’ drives prisons towards greater instability (UK)

15/10/2014 in Prison Society

via mainstream media:

A lack of prison officers and the growth of the prison population has led to an upsurge in violence and an increase in self-harm and suicide amongst detainees which is driving prison regimes towards instability.

This article from the mainstream media, although it is nothing more than a political call to arms for more screws, highlights the growing tensions within UK prisons.

Jails across England and Wales are facing an unprecedented “toxic mix” of increasing prisoner numbers, chronic staff shortages and rising violence that is driving them towards instability, prison governors have warned.

Eoin McLennan-Murray, the outgoing president of the Prison Governors’ Association, dismissed claims by the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, that although jails faced pressures they did not amount to a crisis.

In his valedictory address on Tuesday, McLennan-Murray said that in his 36 years in the prison service he had never known a situation “as challenging, tough and difficult and as bad as it is now”, in the wake of a 30% reduction in prison staff numbers and much harsher rhetoric from ministers. Read the rest of this entry →

Screw shivved at HMP Swaleside (UK)

05/10/2014 in Prison Struggle

via mainstream media

Two prisoners attack a screw before being thrown into isolation cells in the latest incident in HMP UK:

A prison officer had his face cut by a blade during a disturbance on Friday night involving two prisoners at a jail where inspectors had recently raised concerns over staff shortages.

The incident at HMP Swaleside, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, began when two prisoners climbed on to netting strung between walkways designed to stop items being thrown to the ground.

A series of “small fires” were reported at about 5.30pm at the cat B prison, and Kent fire and rescue confirmed that two fire engines were dispatched to the scene. The South East Coast ambulance service was also called.

The Prison Officers’ Association said the injury to the officer was caused by a bladed instrument. Ministry of Justice officials said a prison officer was injured but insisted the incident was brought quickly under control. Read the rest of this entry →