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‘Untouchables’ step up attacks on prison guards (UK)

18/10/2014 in General, Prison Society

via mainstream media

An explosion of violent attacks against prison officers has erupted following a European Court ban on extending detainees’ sentences for misbehaviour.

Before the Euro-court ruling, prison governors had the summary power to add 21 days to the sentence of a young offender and 42 to that of an adult for fighting, assaults and other misdemeanours. The Strasbourg judges ruled last month that the biased system which allowed a prison governor the power to extend sentences in this way was a breach of ‘human rights’.

The Prison Service had to free 900 prisoners because of this and faces compensation payouts of around £90 for every day of extra time served.

Officers claimed inmates with a tendency to violence now believed they were untouchable.

At Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, in West London, there have been 15 assaults on staff in the last month compared to the usual average of four.

A 24-year-old female guard had her skull fractured when a male prisoner armed with a table leg ran from his cell and began clubbing every screw in sight.

Feltham, which houses 650 detainees aged 16-21, also recorded 15 assaults among detainees last month against a usual average of seven, and 30 cases of cells being damaged, three times the average. Read the rest of this entry →

Screw shivved at HMP Swaleside (UK)

05/10/2014 in Prison Struggle

via mainstream media

Two prisoners attack a screw before being thrown into isolation cells in the latest incident in HMP UK:

A prison officer had his face cut by a blade during a disturbance on Friday night involving two prisoners at a jail where inspectors had recently raised concerns over staff shortages.

The incident at HMP Swaleside, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, began when two prisoners climbed on to netting strung between walkways designed to stop items being thrown to the ground.

A series of “small fires” were reported at about 5.30pm at the cat B prison, and Kent fire and rescue confirmed that two fire engines were dispatched to the scene. The South East Coast ambulance service was also called.

The Prison Officers’ Association said the injury to the officer was caused by a bladed instrument. Ministry of Justice officials said a prison officer was injured but insisted the incident was brought quickly under control. Read the rest of this entry →

Screw set upon by three prisoners in Lewes Prison is hospitalised (UK)

24/09/2014 in Prison Society

via in the belly of the beast

A prison officer was hospitalised after being attacked by three inmates.

The male officer, in his early 30s, was jumped by three inmates at Lewes Prison on Wednesday morning.

Sources at the prison said the officer was with a female colleague when three inmates were told they were about to be searched after acting suspiciously.

The inmates attacked the male officer, who has been working at the prison for about six years, while the female officer ran for help.

The victim was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, for treatment to facial injuries…

The attack comes after The Argus revealed how serving officers and inmates were concerned that staff shortages at the prison were sparking increased levels of violence.

Last week, an inmate said prisoners were spending longer in their cells because there wasn’t enough staff to cater for them all – fuelling inmate frustration and violent behaviour.

original source: mainstream media

The scum media & state play the game of a “good screw” but the mere existence of all screws, of all police of authority in our lives is enough to lash out against!

Not 1 step back, attack every screw!