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PDF: ‘Negation’ a new counter-info project from Scotland (UK)

08/01/2015 in Library

The first issue of Negation, a new periodical anarchist publication from Scotland is available now.

From the editorial:

This periodical bulletin exists to widen the current of a nihilist-anarchist critique in Scotland and whatever that may bring.

It is your sole responsibility to steal back your life. However, if you are content with shitty food, mundane shopping, police surveillance, civility, boredom and a slow death from cancer and pollution, then perhaps this publication is not for you…

We do not care for “recruits” nor do we seek to seem reasonable in the eyes of anyone.

– Until next time (A)

The first issue has articles covering:

Countering the Congress of the Institute of Animal technology 17-20th March 2015 (Scotland).

Some thoughts on resisting fracking in Scotland.

Glasgow Anarchist Black Cross

Against the Grain.

Destroy Anthropocentrism


PDF: Since the Bristol Riots– Communiques from the FAI, ELF and other attacks 2011-2014 (UK)

14/11/2014 in Prison Society, Solidarity Actions


PDF Link:
by Person(s) Unknown / Dark Matter Publications

“Since the Bristol Riots” is a collection of communiques from the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and other anonymous attacks in the Bristol area since the riots in April 2011 until October 2014.

The communiques include attacks targeted against police, banks, prisons, military, security services, courts, state, church, fascists, media, communications infrastructure, corporations and more.

Totaling 92 pages, included is a selection of over a dozen articles related to this time frame and context, such as reports of the Stokes Croft riots and recent police repression against the broader anarchist movement as they investigate the attacks.

For antagonistic struggle,
Person(s) unknown

PDF: A Few Notes on Anarchist Revolutionary Solidarity and the Struggle Against Prison

12/10/2014 in Library

PDF: A Few Notes on Anarchist Revolutionary Solidarity and the Struggle Against Prison– Anonymous (2012)

I’m writing these lines concerning the subjects of Solidarity and prison. I hope this can clarify the anarchist perspective as concerns revolutionary solidarity and the difference between solidarity and support, which is anyway necessary. These opinions of mine are open to discussion.

When we talk about solidarity, as insurrectionist anarchists we refer explicitly to actions, which besides giving solidarity to our comrades, attack the interests of the State/Capital and break some values of the system such as compassion and duty. These values lead to analysis and practices that have little to do with solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Solidarity actions, on the contrary, are part of the struggle.

This revolutionary solidarity on which we pose our emphasis is the action claiming the war that our imprisoned comrades are waging on the prison system, and it is aimed to destabilizing the interests of the State/Capital, the main responsible for the existence of prisons. Read the rest of this entry →

Collection of John Bowden’s writings on the prison regime published (UK)

09/10/2014 in Library

ABC Hurricane are pleased to publish a compilation of some of the writings of John Bowden. They provide a rare insight and history of the prison regime and bring to light cases and stories that normally never see the light of day, but are unfortunately all too common behind prison walls.

Posing no threat to anyone inside or outside prison (according to the Parole Board),the Prison Service is keeping John behind bars due to his continuing work exposing the abuses of the prison system – not just to himself but throughout HMP wings and especially in the darkest, hushed up corners of UK gaols. He has never backed down in the face of all that the regime can throw.

This publication comes at a time when he is calling again for as much pressure to be imposed on the prison authorities in the fight for his release – please spread these texts far and wide. Please get in touch by  email if you would like printed copies.

PDF: Screen Version

PDF: Print Version A4

Solidarity with all those who resist!

ABC Hurricane

PDF: Phoenix Project- Demolishing the Walls That Keep Us Apart (Greece)

07/10/2014 in Library

A new pamphlet concerning the Phoenix Project has been released by the comrades of the Circle of Individualist Anarchists which includes transcriptions of the four events held nationwide in solidarity with the persecuted comrades for the actions of the Project which took place recently in Greece.

This is the first of a series of pamphlets regarding the ‘New Anarchy’ which will be released over the coming months which will ‘aim to disseminate our imprisoned comrades speech to as many anarchist comrades in Greece and the rest of the world as possible. This material is available to everyone for translation in any language, a procedure in which we will contribute ourselves, in collaboration with any comrade who wishes for it, in the context of partnership with individuals and groups/collectives with which we are politically associated.’

The pamphlet is currently only available in Greek, although a translation  into English is currently in progress and will be available shortly.

It contains: Read the rest of this entry →

“Contra viento y marea”: Folleto impreso por la solidaridad y el ataque antiautoritario (Chile)

01/10/2014 in Library, Solidarity Actions

A new text released by the comrades in Chile regarding the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners.

English text below:

Este folleto desplegable comenzó a difundirse de mano en mano entre compas, también a través de bibliotecas y puntos de difusión anarquistas/antiautoritarias durante la reciente semana de agitación solidaria con los presos anarquistas/antiautoritarios. Contiene reflexiones sobre la lucha en Chile, una selección de citas de compañeros presos en el mundo que tratan sobre la naturaleza y los objetivos de la lucha contra el poder, y en su interior contiene un afiche que destaca la importancia de la solidaridad ofensiva.

Contra viento y marea: solidaridad, agitación y ataque antiautoritario.

Esta publicación tiene como objetivo defender y difundir nuestras ideas y prácticas de libertad y ataque continuo contra toda autoridad, en un contexto en que el Estado visibiliza su represión y sus ansias de gestar nuevos golpes al entorno anarquista/antiautoritario, a cuatro de la “Operación Salamandra” en el contexto del llamado “Caso Bombas”. Read the rest of this entry →

After Prison Zine: Words from Former Earth & Animal Liberation Front Activists (USA)

30/09/2014 in Library

20 pages B&W: After Prison Zine

The ‘After Prison’ zine is a project which aims to share stories of life after prison from former earth & animal liberation prisoners in the hope that people will develop a more thorough understanding of what former prisoners face on the outside. This project is also for those former prisoners still facing restrictions on who they can interact with, so they can read of others’ experiences.

The current contributors are:

Jeff Luers

Jordan Halliday

Josh Harper

Rod Coronado