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Little update from ABC Hurricane in UK

20/03/2015 in General

Due to other events, our blog has been inactive for the last 6-7 weeks and since that time a lot of events happened, like the ongoing hunger strike in Greece by different prisoners, against C TYPE prisons, for the release of CCF family and friends, release of Savvas Xiros, etc.

There’s a hunger strike rebellion taking place right now in the UK immigration detention centres. Race and immigration are hot election topics right now in UK, time to stop fascism! In Bristol, Emma Sheppard got sentenced to two years for sabbing three police cars at new year with home-made stingers. Today there’ll be a demo in Bristol for all the people on hungerstrike in the immigration centres and others. On the 21st there’s an anti-fascist demo in Newcastle against the usual nazi racist bastards. In High Wycombe, after the cops were cleared of killing Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah, there were nights of mass vandalism against the ruling, No Justice – No Peace!

In Cardiff, there’s a demo on March 24th by South Wales anarchists, against ‘Marco’ Jacobs undercover police officer’s abuse and supporting the court date of those who are making a civil action against the UK State about the case. There’s also a demo in London the next day at the Royal Courts of (in)Justice. Statewatch released a PDF about undercover policing worth reading here.

We’re going to be updating our blog a bit more infrequently, as our techie is AWOL, and as a group we’re dispersed and busy ticking over with various projects. We’re working with a few different prisoners at the moment, and it’ll be a case of as and when we have stuff to report and comment on.

Solidarity means attack!

Declaration about the creation of a nihilist network: Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes (Greece)

20/01/2015 in General

via interarma:

Declaration about the creation of a nihilist network

The network that is being created under the name “Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes” is an attempt of collaboration of nihilists who are involved, each and every one with his own means, in the public aspect of the struggle. Recognizing the need of our project to fully serve the participating persons, the circle is created on the base of an egoist union, it’s a collaboration nor governed by immutable dependency ties of one person to another, neither by the need of expressing our public speech in terms of organized theory. Instead, we consciously choose to operate as a “platform” hosting nihilist attitudes that are potentially, in some of their points, conflicting or contradictory, if one falsely understands the produced views as being a solid program.

This is for us, the true challenge. To maintain our characteristics in every effort we make to maximize our public presence. In order for our targeting to be clear, we find useful to make a reference to the way we perceive this particular project and the potential it creates. The “Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes” is formed by drawing aspects from the logic of a closed group in the meaning of, as long as the members are satisfied by that, belonging to a structure with a predetermined minimum of nihilist characteristics involving organized public presence and, on the other hand, aspects of a network as each member stands free in the public sphere, an aspect through in which we avoid the marginalization of the different. We, therefore, talk about an organization model containing all the elements of a closed nihilist group but, at the same time, offering the possibility of non-solid public speech, an aspect of egoist unions. Read the rest of this entry →

Letter by Kostas Gournas, imprisoned member of Revolutionary Struggle, from inside Domokos Type C Prison (Greece)

10/01/2015 in General

The coalition government New Democracy-PASOK [right and left political parties] did not only flirt with the extreme neo-liberalism imposed by the Troika [IMF-ECB-EC], it was the biggest supporter and helped in the shaping of the memorandum policies. It not only flirted with the far-right agenda of the Golden Dawn [fascists political gang], it was itself the political and institutional expression of the deeply far-right state that promotes the transformation of society into a fascist one.

C’ type prisons
and the legal framework that defines a regime of exclusion for the prisoners is part of the memorandum policies that have messed up the lives of thousands of proletarians. A living prison inside the prison that aims for the political isolation and de-politicization of the political prisoners and their actions, vengeful treatment of the disobedient and is a means of dissuasion for all prisoners.

During its swan song, the government has transferred social and political prisoners to the new C’ type wing in Domokos. Just a few days before the premature elections that were sped up when the government lost the trust of the Troika, the opening of the special wing in Domokos marks the re-ascertainment of the “law and order” dogma with the establishment of its crown. A few days after the partial regression in the Romanos case, the government raises the stakes by imposing its injured power.

The confrontation with the regime of exclusion in the Type-C prisons is not simply a confrontation between the prisoners, the solidarity movement and society against the government that is going or the one that will come after the elections. It is a battle we all ought to spread/fight with the deep state in its core and against its indispensable identification with the neo-conservative “antiterrorist” dogmas of imperialism. It is a battle that concerns all of society which is hurting today by the brutal policies of Capital, a battle against the transformation of society into a fascist one.

Against the terrorism of State and Capital
Ahead comrades, for the structuring of the social revolution

Kostas Gournas
C’type prisons of Domokos

Translated by Act for freedom now!
Slightly edited for clarity by 325

‘Untouchables’ step up attacks on prison guards (UK)

18/10/2014 in General, Prison Society

via mainstream media

An explosion of violent attacks against prison officers has erupted following a European Court ban on extending detainees’ sentences for misbehaviour.

Before the Euro-court ruling, prison governors had the summary power to add 21 days to the sentence of a young offender and 42 to that of an adult for fighting, assaults and other misdemeanours. The Strasbourg judges ruled last month that the biased system which allowed a prison governor the power to extend sentences in this way was a breach of ‘human rights’.

The Prison Service had to free 900 prisoners because of this and faces compensation payouts of around £90 for every day of extra time served.

Officers claimed inmates with a tendency to violence now believed they were untouchable.

At Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, in West London, there have been 15 assaults on staff in the last month compared to the usual average of four.

A 24-year-old female guard had her skull fractured when a male prisoner armed with a table leg ran from his cell and began clubbing every screw in sight.

Feltham, which houses 650 detainees aged 16-21, also recorded 15 assaults among detainees last month against a usual average of seven, and 30 cases of cells being damaged, three times the average. Read the rest of this entry →

Amélie and Fallon express solidarity with the four anarchists on hunger strike (Mexico)

10/10/2014 in General, Solidarity Actions

Via act for freedom now! et en français par non-fides:

Last Friday night huge graffiti appeared on the walls of the dining room of dormitory C in San Marta prison where we are being held kidnapped. The graffiti expresses our solidarity with anarchist comrades Abraham, Fernando, Mario and Carlos, who are on indefinite hunger strike.. Our fellow prisoners haven’t stopped commenting on the extremely visible composition since that day.

It’s a change from the “I love you” usually painted in the prison corridors! It has a confrontational aspect, making a break with daily passivity.

The objective was reached! It is a way to start discussion and create spaces for reflection inside the prison. This is one of the ways we have here inside to tackle social peace and pacification. From our perspective, there are many ways to fight back and take a position of rejecting authority.

The intention is not to claim anyone’s innocence, but to generate contexts of conflict and a break with the established order. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that the initiative of the comrades on hunger strike was hyped in the context of 2 October in the mass media, but we know that that was not the comrades’ intention, because we refuse to use the networks of the mass media, even less to talk about innocence.

In solidarity with the compas in hunger strike!

Neither guilty nor innocent

Women’s prison in Santa Marta

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BBC – Anarchists ‘intent on bringing chaos to the streets’ (UK)

27/09/2014 in General

Mainstream media have recently shown a short news report concerning the recent insurrectionary attacks in the Bristol area.

Many of these actions were claimed in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades around the world.

The report pathetically attempts to spread fear amongst the public by implying that anyone could be targeted by ‘extreme anarchists’ at any time, anywhere. This claim is made even though nobody has been injured in these actions, and totally ignoring the fact that all of these attacks are directed solely against the system of control and not random individuals.

It appears to be nothing more than a desperate attempt by a clueless police force to get the public to do their work for them.

We can only hope that the number of attacks shown in this video below, some of the methods described and the fact that no charges have been brought against anybody will act as a catalyst for others to realise the possibility of striking back.

Love and rage to the insurgent minority!

Solidarity with comrades inside and outside the walls!

[this video is not available through tor]

Welcome to the new site of ABC Hurricane / Αυτοπαρουσίαση του ABC Hurricane / Presentación de la CNA Huracán

15/08/2014 in General

Greek & Spanish translations are below.

Warm greetings,

We are ABC Hurricane, a UK-based Anarchist Black Cross group that supports prisoners in struggle.

We have named the group ABC Hurricane in order to be non-location specific and to be accessible to anyone wherever they are in the UK or internationally. We see ourselves as part of the Anarchist Black Cross and part of the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis.

We formed during the Anarchist Prisoners’ Global Week of Solidarity this August 2014. This week highlights the different cases of our comrades across the world – some we know about, some we didn’t know about until this week. This is a time for our prisoners, ABC, solidarity, counter-info and action groups to organise, expressing practical solidarity and the desire to see the destruction of all prisons. We believe that solidarity is not just fund-raising or charity networking but should also have an element of action and attack against the existent.

All the people in the group have been involved in prisoner solidarity work for many years but want to push the trajectory of our group beyond that. We don’t see any difference between those social and political prisoners in struggle – almost all prisoners are political in this situation. We are for the class struggle but also for the destruction of the prisons and civilisation.

Over the next few weeks we will be creating and putting out images, publications and text, and we look forward to communication with rebels inside and outside the walls, and anyone that wishes to support our prisoners.

ABC Hurricane

abc-hurricane [at] riseup [dot] net

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