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‘Untouchables’ step up attacks on prison guards (UK)

18/10/2014 in General, Prison Society

via mainstream media

An explosion of violent attacks against prison officers has erupted following a European Court ban on extending detainees’ sentences for misbehaviour.

Before the Euro-court ruling, prison governors had the summary power to add 21 days to the sentence of a young offender and 42 to that of an adult for fighting, assaults and other misdemeanours. The Strasbourg judges ruled last month that the biased system which allowed a prison governor the power to extend sentences in this way was a breach of ‘human rights’.

The Prison Service had to free 900 prisoners because of this and faces compensation payouts of around £90 for every day of extra time served.

Officers claimed inmates with a tendency to violence now believed they were untouchable.

At Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, in West London, there have been 15 assaults on staff in the last month compared to the usual average of four.

A 24-year-old female guard had her skull fractured when a male prisoner armed with a table leg ran from his cell and began clubbing every screw in sight.

Feltham, which houses 650 detainees aged 16-21, also recorded 15 assaults among detainees last month against a usual average of seven, and 30 cases of cells being damaged, three times the average. Read the rest of this entry →

Prison suicides more than double as the prison society announces ‘super child prisons’ (UK)

18/10/2014 in Prison Society

A series of reports in liberal mainstream media rag The Guardian have further highlighted the fetid stench of the growing cesspit that is the UK prison system. These reports hold up a stark mirror which manage to reflect both the prison society that unashamedly alienates and indoctrinates its young people outside in ‘normal society’ whilst also isolating and brutalising those who increasingly end up on the wrong side of their experiments in social control.

There has been a 64% increase in prison suicides this year, and 125 prisoners have committed suicide in the last 20 months.

As wealth disparity continues to drive a growing inequality in society, and the criminal justice system is increaingly being used as a blatant tool to divide, conquer and control.

Even amongst all of this, the clowns at the Ministry of Justice have recently put forward a proposal to extend the prison building project to allow the building of a super-prison for children as young as 12. At the core of this borstal will be a regime of punishment and physical restraint. Or in other words a Borstal.

The Justice minister even intends to defy an appeal court judgement and order that staff should be able to use force to restrain teenage inmates for “the purposes of good order and discipline” at his proposed £85m privately run ‘super-child jail’. Read the rest of this entry →

PDF: A Few Notes on Anarchist Revolutionary Solidarity and the Struggle Against Prison

12/10/2014 in Library

PDF: A Few Notes on Anarchist Revolutionary Solidarity and the Struggle Against Prison– Anonymous (2012)

I’m writing these lines concerning the subjects of Solidarity and prison. I hope this can clarify the anarchist perspective as concerns revolutionary solidarity and the difference between solidarity and support, which is anyway necessary. These opinions of mine are open to discussion.

When we talk about solidarity, as insurrectionist anarchists we refer explicitly to actions, which besides giving solidarity to our comrades, attack the interests of the State/Capital and break some values of the system such as compassion and duty. These values lead to analysis and practices that have little to do with solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Solidarity actions, on the contrary, are part of the struggle.

This revolutionary solidarity on which we pose our emphasis is the action claiming the war that our imprisoned comrades are waging on the prison system, and it is aimed to destabilizing the interests of the State/Capital, the main responsible for the existence of prisons. Read the rest of this entry →

No Prison for No one! / Kein Häfn für niemand! (Austria)

12/10/2014 in Prison Society

Via 325:

Call out for the Anti-Prison Days in Vienna- 7-9 Nov 2014

The Austrian word for jail is: Häfn, but no matter what name you give it, we are talking about the same thing here: Prison iron bars, cages, high walls, and barbed wire behind which those incarcerated are stashed away. for the ‘protection’ of our society, for punishment, to deter others, as revenge, or simply because their legal status in fortress Europe isn’t strong enough. The law will find enough reasons to stick you away. In these times of democracy, the reasons are ‘humane’; the penal system is the lesser evil in these times of unrestrained capitalistic freedom, capitalism supposedly being the best system, seeing as it just cant be beat.

The belief in the myth that those of us outside the walls and cages are free became manifested in the prisons of this world. This belief is delusive, creates false hopes, because we don’t believe in freedom within an exploitative capitalistic society, nor do we believe in the possibility of a reform of the logic of commodity and its society of spectacle, and we have absolutely no hope of finding within this system a better world. Free spaces, cuddle corners, small niches away from the prying eyes of power and control exist only in our heads, as a method of lying to ourselves and not facing the facts that it is impossible to exist within this system. Read the rest of this entry →