Prison suicides more than double as the prison society announces ‘super child prisons’ (UK)

18/10/2014 in Prison Society

A series of reports in liberal mainstream media rag The Guardian have further highlighted the fetid stench of the growing cesspit that is the UK prison system. These reports hold up a stark mirror which manage to reflect both the prison society that unashamedly alienates and indoctrinates its young people outside in ‘normal society’ whilst also isolating and brutalising those who increasingly end up on the wrong side of their experiments in social control.

There has been a 64% increase in prison suicides this year, and 125 prisoners have committed suicide in the last 20 months.

As wealth disparity continues to drive a growing inequality in society, and the criminal justice system is increaingly being used as a blatant tool to divide, conquer and control.

Even amongst all of this, the clowns at the Ministry of Justice have recently put forward a proposal to extend the prison building project to allow the building of a super-prison for children as young as 12. At the core of this borstal will be a regime of punishment and physical restraint. Or in other words a Borstal.

The Justice minister even intends to defy an appeal court judgement and order that staff should be able to use force to restrain teenage inmates for “the purposes of good order and discipline” at his proposed £85m privately run ‘super-child jail’.

Read the full articles here:

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