BBC – Anarchists ‘intent on bringing chaos to the streets’ (UK)

27/09/2014 in General

Mainstream media have recently shown a short news report concerning the recent insurrectionary attacks in the Bristol area.

Many of these actions were claimed in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades around the world.

The report pathetically attempts to spread fear amongst the public by implying that anyone could be targeted by ‘extreme anarchists’ at any time, anywhere. This claim is made even though nobody has been injured in these actions, and totally ignoring the fact that all of these attacks are directed solely against the system of control and not random individuals.

It appears to be nothing more than a desperate attempt by a clueless police force to get the public to do their work for them.

We can only hope that the number of attacks shown in this video below, some of the methods described and the fact that no charges have been brought against anybody will act as a catalyst for others to realise the possibility of striking back.

Love and rage to the insurgent minority!

Solidarity with comrades inside and outside the walls!

[this video is not available through tor]

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