Declaration about the creation of a nihilist network: Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes (Greece)

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Declaration about the creation of a nihilist network

The network that is being created under the name “Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes” is an attempt of collaboration of nihilists who are involved, each and every one with his own means, in the public aspect of the struggle. Recognizing the need of our project to fully serve the participating persons, the circle is created on the base of an egoist union, it’s a collaboration nor governed by immutable dependency ties of one person to another, neither by the need of expressing our public speech in terms of organized theory. Instead, we consciously choose to operate as a “platform” hosting nihilist attitudes that are potentially, in some of their points, conflicting or contradictory, if one falsely understands the produced views as being a solid program.

This is for us, the true challenge. To maintain our characteristics in every effort we make to maximize our public presence. In order for our targeting to be clear, we find useful to make a reference to the way we perceive this particular project and the potential it creates. The “Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes” is formed by drawing aspects from the logic of a closed group in the meaning of, as long as the members are satisfied by that, belonging to a structure with a predetermined minimum of nihilist characteristics involving organized public presence and, on the other hand, aspects of a network as each member stands free in the public sphere, an aspect through in which we avoid the marginalization of the different. We, therefore, talk about an organization model containing all the elements of a closed nihilist group but, at the same time, offering the possibility of non-solid public speech, an aspect of egoist unions.

Concerning the scope of actions that such a network can take, we claim it to be fully dependent on the targeting and interests of its members. From the production of theory and publishing to the development of physical presence, meeting and developing the essential dialectic with nihilists seeking for comrades and not theoreticians or pawns, we refer to a wide range of activities, always determined by the will of the participants and not based on political targeting.

From our side, by taking the initiative to set up the “Nihilist Circle”, we do not overlook the usefulness of developing a network of nihilist groups as long as such groups exist or would exist in the future, and intend to move towards this direction if and when this becomes possible. What we suggest is an as much wide as possible network of contacts, a network of constant communication and interaction with nihilists and nihilist groups to achieve a better coordination and develop effective dialectic. Of course, it would be licit to make clear that although our network is open to comrades and groups that may seek our negations to meet, our basic positions that make this network a nihilist one and not a cloudy forum of various theories are non-negotiable. So, we won’t try to hide what motivates each and every one of us and “Contra Omnes” in general is this deeply egoistic nihilism that leaves no space to the person to transform into a hunter of purpose and political targeting. It’s this tension for total war against the existent. What motivates us, therefore, is our common desire and not necessity.

Let us begin, then, yet another existential journey for all those who wish to be a part of it.


Nihilist Circle – Contra Omnes

Μηδενιστικός Κύκλος – Contra Omnes2


Source: Nigrum Inferno