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‘Toxic mix’ drives prisons towards greater instability (UK)

15/10/2014 in Prison Society

via mainstream media:

A lack of prison officers and the growth of the prison population has led to an upsurge in violence and an increase in self-harm and suicide amongst detainees which is driving prison regimes towards instability.

This article from the mainstream media, although it is nothing more than a political call to arms for more screws, highlights the growing tensions within UK prisons.

Jails across England and Wales are facing an unprecedented “toxic mix” of increasing prisoner numbers, chronic staff shortages and rising violence that is driving them towards instability, prison governors have warned.

Eoin McLennan-Murray, the outgoing president of the Prison Governors’ Association, dismissed claims by the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, that although jails faced pressures they did not amount to a crisis.

In his valedictory address on Tuesday, McLennan-Murray said that in his 36 years in the prison service he had never known a situation “as challenging, tough and difficult and as bad as it is now”, in the wake of a 30% reduction in prison staff numbers and much harsher rhetoric from ministers. Read the rest of this entry →

No Prison for No one! / Kein Häfn für niemand! (Austria)

12/10/2014 in Prison Society

Via 325:

Call out for the Anti-Prison Days in Vienna- 7-9 Nov 2014

The Austrian word for jail is: Häfn, but no matter what name you give it, we are talking about the same thing here: Prison iron bars, cages, high walls, and barbed wire behind which those incarcerated are stashed away. for the ‘protection’ of our society, for punishment, to deter others, as revenge, or simply because their legal status in fortress Europe isn’t strong enough. The law will find enough reasons to stick you away. In these times of democracy, the reasons are ‘humane’; the penal system is the lesser evil in these times of unrestrained capitalistic freedom, capitalism supposedly being the best system, seeing as it just cant be beat.

The belief in the myth that those of us outside the walls and cages are free became manifested in the prisons of this world. This belief is delusive, creates false hopes, because we don’t believe in freedom within an exploitative capitalistic society, nor do we believe in the possibility of a reform of the logic of commodity and its society of spectacle, and we have absolutely no hope of finding within this system a better world. Free spaces, cuddle corners, small niches away from the prying eyes of power and control exist only in our heads, as a method of lying to ourselves and not facing the facts that it is impossible to exist within this system. Read the rest of this entry →

Anarchist student arrested for sedition (India)

11/10/2014 in Prison Society

In a ridiculously repressive move by the police in India an anarchist has been arrested for failing to show due respect to the national anthem. Salman M has been accused of sedition for allegedly “sitting and hooting” when the anthem was played at the theatre.

For some anti-nationalist media that he posted on facebook he was also charged under Section 124A, Section 66A of the Information Technology Act and Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

Solidarity with Salman M!

Against the prison society!

mainstream media links:

Filaki- Prison World (english subs)

06/10/2014 in Prison Society


Documentary from Greece about the prison society, its role in social control and the ongoing rebellion against it…

The film focuses on the prison uprisings against the political repression and social war against the comrades in Greece as well as the hunger strikes against the Type-F prisons in Turkey which soon spread to engulf many of the prisons in Greece. These prisons are similar to the Type-C prisons in Greece, the FIES in Spain, the CSC in the UK and other punitive isolation torture regimes around the world.

During the afternoon R.Z. escapes again, for the last time. A detainee shouts to him, ‘How did you do it?’. R.Z answers: ‘From there at the top… you can’t find a way to escape from those walls, because there are other walls beyond… another prison. You must escape from the roof, and head towards the sun. They will never be able to build a wall between the sun and the earth’.

Our passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!!!

Vimeo link-

PDF: Filaki- Prison World– zine about the prison uprisings in Greece 2007

This is a DVD rip. Contact abc-hurricane [at] riseup [dot] net if you would like an original DVD copy.

Screw set upon by three prisoners in Lewes Prison is hospitalised (UK)

24/09/2014 in Prison Society

via in the belly of the beast

A prison officer was hospitalised after being attacked by three inmates.

The male officer, in his early 30s, was jumped by three inmates at Lewes Prison on Wednesday morning.

Sources at the prison said the officer was with a female colleague when three inmates were told they were about to be searched after acting suspiciously.

The inmates attacked the male officer, who has been working at the prison for about six years, while the female officer ran for help.

The victim was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, for treatment to facial injuries…

The attack comes after The Argus revealed how serving officers and inmates were concerned that staff shortages at the prison were sparking increased levels of violence.

Last week, an inmate said prisoners were spending longer in their cells because there wasn’t enough staff to cater for them all – fuelling inmate frustration and violent behaviour.

original source: mainstream media

The scum media & state play the game of a “good screw” but the mere existence of all screws, of all police of authority in our lives is enough to lash out against!

Not 1 step back, attack every screw!

Incendiary attack by ‘FAI “Sacco & Vanzetti” Circle of Propaganda by Life & by Deed’ (Bristol, UK)

03/09/2014 in Prison Society, Solidarity Actions

via 325:

In response to the NATO summit in Newport and in solidarity with insurrectionist anarchist prisoners worldwide, a cell of the Federazione Anarchica Informale (FAI) has struck BAE Systems in Filton, Bristol:

We mounted our attack against the BAE Systems arms factory in the Filton area of Bristol by setting a fire against the fuel tank outside the onsite Advanced Technology Centre (Impact Facility – High Power Electro Magnetic Facility section) on August 29th. Today we now announce carrying this out in the context of the NATO summit in Newport in five days. Britain is rife with military industrial complex structures all year round and everyone can draw her or his own conclusion. Read the rest of this entry →

Security service starts to empty Domokos prison in order to turn it into a Guantanamo (Greece)

03/09/2014 in Prison Society, Prison Struggle

via actforfree:

As of last Monday 25/8/14, the security service started to empty Domokos prison, in order for it to be transformed into a ‘C’ type hellhole, according to the fascist law 4274/2014. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they transferred about 100 prisoners to other prisons around the country!

As soon as we got the information that the emptying procedure started in Domokos we found the decision of the Ministry of Justice dated August 1st 2014, which orders the “transformation of Domokos Correctional Facility from type B to type C prison”.

This procedure is suppose to be completed within two months after the fascist law is published.

According to safe sources, the whole procedure of evacuating Domokos prison and transferring all prisoners intended for type C prisons (first in line are the prisoners sentenced for armed revolutionary action), is supposed to be done by the end of September. This fascist law says that the prisoners will be transferred to C type prisons within 10 days from the publication of the internal law. It is not a coincidence that they are emptying Domokos in such a fast pace (30 to 40 prisoners a day).