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Anarchist Black Cross – Moscow: anti-fascist and anarchist Serebrennikov Oleg needs your help and solidarity! / Kollektivs Anarchist Black Cross Moscow : der Antifaschist und Anarchist Serebrennikow Oleg braucht Ihre Hilfe und die Solidarität! – Russia

20/01/2016 in Prison Struggle

*Dear comrades! Anarchical Black Cross Moscow (ABC – Moscow) urges to
show solidarity and to help the anti-fascist and the anarchist
Serebrennikov Oleg. *On an extent more than ten years he actively
participated in the anarchical and anti-fascist movements in Russia and in
Izhevsk. Long time he cooperated with collective ABC – Moscow, helped
detainees and the arrested anti-fascists and anarchists with Izhevsk,
looked for for them lawyers, informed the public and activists on the
repressions untied by police against anti-fascists in the city. He
actively participated in solidarity actions in support of the imprisoned
anti-fascists and social activists. Because of the serious problems with
health which arose after attack of neo-Nazis on Oleg in 2004 the help is
now necessary need for him.

You can extend information on Oleg’s case among friends, to hold a concert
or other events for solidarity with Oleg, it is simple to transfer any sum
to the bank accounts provided below, it is simple to write it the letter
for support him. Read the rest of this entry →

Appeal to support anarchist comrade Ilya Romanov (Russia)

09/11/2014 in Prison Struggle

via abc moscow/avtonom

Dear friends!

We ask you to support Ilya Romanov, an anarchist from Russia accused of ‘terrorism’, who has already spent a year in prison. ABC-Moscow included him in the list of anarchist political prisoners.

On 26 October 2013, 46-year-old anarchist Ilya Romanov was wounded in the city of Nizhnii Novgorod. The explosion which occurred late at night severely injured his left hand and burned his face. Ilya was taken to hospital where doctors amputated his arm. Romanov explained to the police that he unwarily used a pyrotechnic device. In December 2013 Romanov was charged with Article 205 and Article 30 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (“attempt to commit a terrorist attack”). But there is no reason for terrorism charges because there is no corpus delicti. Article 205 implies committing acts “of frightening people and endangering their lives, causing significant property damage or other serious consequences in order to influence decision-making authorities or international organizations”.

It is obvious that in this situation there could be no intimidation, no danger of death or significant property damage as a firecracker was too weak for that, and Ilya was hurt only because it exploded right in his hands. FSB investigators decided to make «the very important case» from this story to justify their existence. They planted two files with leaflets into Ilya friend’s computer. The investigators claim that Ilya was going to spread political appeals after the bomb attack on an institution but hasn’t managed to do it because of the explosion. FSB uses Ilya’s past as an important evidence of his intentions to commit a terrorist act.

The investigation will be finished in two months and we need money for linguistic examination of the planted files, inviting the specialists to the court and to pay the lawyer. We managed to collect money for one year of lawyer’s work and for two independent examinations. But now we are in serious lack of money. We need about 2300 euro and we have only 750 euro. Read the rest of this entry →

Alexei Sutugu Sentenced to 3 Years 1 Month (Russia)

06/10/2014 in Prison Struggle

via abc brighton and avtonom:

On September 30, 2014 Russian anti-fascist Alexei Sutugu was sentenced by Zamoskvoretskiy Court in Moscow to three years and one month in prison for his alleged involvement in a fight. A day earlier, the prosecutor had asked for it four years and two months in prison.

Sutuga was accused of assault and hooliganism. According to the investigation, in January this year, he and four other young men attacked a group of six people in the Sbarro restaurant near the October metro station. The prosecution argued that Sutuga had assaulted the group with weapons that included a homemade hammer.

However, none of the victims suffered any injuries.
Alexei Sutuga pleaded not guilty, arguing that he was not involved in the fight and that the case was brought against him for political reasons.

Alexei had previously stood trial for his involvement in an incident in the Moscow club “Vozdukh” in December 2011 when he other anti-fascists were attacked by fascist members of the club’s security. In January of this year, all of the defendants in the case were pardoned under an amnesty in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution.