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‘Toxic mix’ drives prisons towards greater instability (UK)

15/10/2014 in Prison Society

via mainstream media:

A lack of prison officers and the growth of the prison population has led to an upsurge in violence and an increase in self-harm and suicide amongst detainees which is driving prison regimes towards instability.

This article from the mainstream media, although it is nothing more than a political call to arms for more screws, highlights the growing tensions within UK prisons.

Jails across England and Wales are facing an unprecedented “toxic mix” of increasing prisoner numbers, chronic staff shortages and rising violence that is driving them towards instability, prison governors have warned.

Eoin McLennan-Murray, the outgoing president of the Prison Governors’ Association, dismissed claims by the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, that although jails faced pressures they did not amount to a crisis.

In his valedictory address on Tuesday, McLennan-Murray said that in his 36 years in the prison service he had never known a situation “as challenging, tough and difficult and as bad as it is now”, in the wake of a 30% reduction in prison staff numbers and much harsher rhetoric from ministers. Read the rest of this entry →

Anarchists of Mytilene: About the latest raids and arrest of Antonis Stamboulos (Greece)

12/10/2014 in Solidarity Actions


On October 1st, the anarchist Antonis Stamboulos is arrested by the counter-terrorist agency accused of terrorist actions. His arrest was hyped from the media, in a furious journalistic climate, based on findings of guilt and imaginary scenarios as signed directly from the 12th floor of the police headquarters.

At the same time, under coordinated counter-terrorism investigations in Athens and Thessaloniki, five people were arrested, the two of whom were detained and driven to Korydallos prison, on charges of aggravated possession of weapons and possession of explosives. The arrested Panagiotis Michalakoglou claimed responsibility for the weapons found in his house, while M.B. has nothing to do with the case.

Antonis Stamboulos, from the first time of his arrest, refused to have any kind of communication with the cops, giving a struggle of dignity continuing till today, since he is on a hunger and thirst strike in Larissa prison from October 6th [Antonis ended the thirst strike October 11th, and issued a new letter explaining his position], demanding his transfer to Korydallos prison, so as he can be close to his familiars. Read the rest of this entry →

Anarchist student arrested for sedition (India)

11/10/2014 in Prison Society

In a ridiculously repressive move by the police in India an anarchist has been arrested for failing to show due respect to the national anthem. Salman M has been accused of sedition for allegedly “sitting and hooting” when the anthem was played at the theatre.

For some anti-nationalist media that he posted on facebook he was also charged under Section 124A, Section 66A of the Information Technology Act and Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

Solidarity with Salman M!

Against the prison society!

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