How to verify your pgp/gpg key

ABC Hurricane GPG Key (public) verification.

This key is for sending any communications that you would prefer to stay hidden.

We would encourage you to use it if you can.

It should be available on any keyserver under the name ‘ABC Hurricane’ or by the email address ‘abc-hurricane [at] riseup [dot] net’.

The best way to verify an encryption key is to receive a hard copy from somebody that you know.

Also, if you do receive one this way, please sign it if you are sure of its provenance.

Otherwise copy the ASCII text from the [ ] link, save it as an .asc file and import it into your key manager (Seahorse, KDEWallet, Kleopatra, etc) .

The key id is 9EA9FADD.

The key can also be verified by comparing its fingerprint, this is:

3EBC 10EA A816 6584 DECF
8C48 6B10 B822 9EA9 FADD

Remember that we can only decode mail that you send us with our public gpg key, we can not reply with an encrypted text unless you send us a copy of your public key.

In solidarity,